Popformance G.R.C - Gauge Replacement Console

for use with the 1990 - 1999 Nissan 300ZX

The Popformance G.R.C, Gauge Replacement Console is a gauge system with interface abilities to view, record, and control various aftermarket sensors in the Nissan 300ZX (Z32). It is conveniently and aesthetically placed in the factory Oil Pressure Gauge location, the factory Boost Pressure sensor location, or both and allows you to display your sensors with your design, or a commonly shared design.

- Displays up to a maximum of 8 gauges at the same time (Version 2.0 displays 3)
- Hardware datalogging to onboard Memory or Computer
- USB port for easy connection to computer for visual or firmware updates
- Minimized external hardware to maintain a stock and stealthy appearance
- Ability to connect to various software available for the Z32
- Easy to design visual template to fit any cars colour theme

There are two main types of gauge clusters that Nissan used for the 300ZX throughout the years. Each type will determine how much work is involved with installing it as well as the unit cost itself. The types have been classified into two basic groups. Type A and Type B. Unfortunately the years and applications that these different types were used in is unclear since it is hard to determine Nissan's installation patterns.

Note: For Type B units, it is recommended that you send your cluster to a Popformance authorized installer.

Do I need Type A or Type B?

To determine if you need type A, or type B, the best way to find out is to take out the cluster and look. The pictures below describe what to look for to determine which type you need.

Type A / Type B
Update : There's a simpler way!

GRC Availability


Now Available through Nissan / Infiniti Forums
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Product Documentation

- G.R.C Manual v2.0


- Firmware v2.0.3 Download


- GRC Control Panel v1.1

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